September 16, Wednesday September 17, Thursday September 18, Friday
September 16, Wednesday
Time/Room GBR B (2F, Convention) Rm.8 (1F, K Avenue) Rm.9 (2F, K Avenue) Rm.10 (3F, K Avenue) Rm.11 (3F, K Avenue) Rm.12 (B1F, K Avenue) Rm.13 (B1F, K Avenue)
8:30 Conference Registration 08:30-18:00, GBR Lobby (2F)
Exhibition 09:00-18:00, GBR Lobby (2F)
Poster Session 09:00-18:00 Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
9:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony  GBR B (2F)
10:00-10:10 Lightning Talk 1 GBR B (2F) - Geo4All: Open Education using FOSS4G (Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan  , General Chair of Academic Track Committee, Osaka City University)
10:10-10:30 Keynote Talk 1 GBR B (2F) - FOSS4G in Korea: Challenges & Strategies (Dr. Byungnam Choe  , President, Korea National Geographic Information Institute)
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 10:30-11:00, GBR Lobby & Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
  S1-1: 3D and Open Source GIS UNSS: FOSS4G - UN Special Session S1-2: Project Development S1-3: Open Source GIS and Data Utilization S1-4: Project Development AT1-1: Hacks and Mashes S1-5: Project Development
OL3-Cesium: 3D for OpenLayers maps
Guillaume Beraudo (Camptocamp), Andreas Hocevar

3D OpenSource software Stack
Olivier Courtin (Oslandia)

Presentation of GNOSIS SDK: High performance 3D visualization SDK and GIS software
Jerome St-Louis (Ecere Corporation)
[Climate Change, UN SDG Goal 13]
Utilizing Free Open Source Software and Open Data in the Crop Suitability Analysis of Adlai for Climate Change Adaptation

Glenn Depra (Ateneo de Davao University), Albert B. Jubilo, Aurecel Laplana-Alejandro


[Protecting the Planet, UN SDG Goal 15]
Protecting the Planet with Postgis: How we are calculating complex protected area coverage statistics for all countries in the world.

Miguel Torres (UNEP-WCMC)
Geopaparazzi, state of the art
Hirofumi Hayashi (HydroloGIS S.r.l.), Andrea Antonello, Silvia Franceschi


GeoPackage and how open source is changing the way governments think about standards
Nathan Frantz (US Army), Steven Lander, Michael Lee, Benjamin Tuttle


ZOO-Project 1.5.0: News about the Open WPS Platform
Gérald Fenoy (GeoLabs), Nicolas Bozon, Venkatesh Raghavan
Don’t Copy Data! Instead, Share it at Web-Scale
Mark Korver (Amazon Web Services)


DigitalGlobe and Open Source
Kevin Bullock (DigitalGlobe)
Technical introduction to Oskari - A Modular web mapping application framework!
Hanna Visuri (National Land Survay of Finland), Sami Mäkinen


New Geoprocessing Toolbox in uDig Desktop Application Framework
Minpa Lee (Mango System inc.), KiWoong Kim

OpenAerialMap: A Distributed Commons for Searching and Hosting Free Imagery
Kate Chapman (Cadasta Foundation)
Automatic Improvement of Point-of-Interest Tags for Openstreetmap Data
Sabine Storandt (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), Stefan Funke


Generating Geospatial Footprints for Geoparsed Text from Crowdsourced Platial Data
Ahmad O. Aburizaiza (George Mason University), Matthew T. Rice, Michael F. Goodchild


Performance Analysis of MongoDB Vs. PostGIS/PostGreSQL Databases For Line Intersection and Point Containment Spatial Queries.
Sarthak Agrwal (IIIT Hyderabad), Ks Rajan
QGIS Plugins - From Must-Haves to insider tips
Pirmin Kalberer (Sourcepole)


MapServer Status Report
Thomas Bonfort (Terriscope), Stephan Meissl, Daniel Morissette

12:15-13:25 Lunch 12:15-13:25, Four Seasons (1F)
  S2-1: Hacks and Mashes UNSS: UN - LH Joint Seminar S2-2: New Open Source GIS Trend I S2-3: Living in and with Earth S2-4: Data Utilization AT2-1: Hacks and Mashes S2-5: Visualisation with Open Source GIS
How Simplicity Will Save GIS
Vladimir Agafonkin (Mapbox)


Jsonix: Talking to OGC Web Services in JSON
Alexey Valikov (DB Systel GmbH)


Building OpenLayers Applications with QGIS
Victor Olaya (Boundless), Benjamin Trigona-Harany


Building an OpenLayers 3 map viewer with React
Pirmin Kalberer (Sourcepole)

* Opening

Open Source and Open Data for Smart Cities in Developing Countries: African Perspective

Prof. Serena Coetzee, Pretoria University, South Africa

Making cities and human settlement, UN SDG 11: Saving Rapid Urbanizing Cities using the FOSS4G Based Spatial Analysis for Urban Development
Dr. Junyoung Choi (Korea Land and Housing Corporation), Hyunsoo Kim, Jaesung Ahn, Jungik Kim


Future direction for using FOSS4G: Case of Managing Early warning Systems for Monitoring Natural Hazards in El Salvador
Ms. Jacqueline Rivera, El Salvador, University of Seoul

* Panel Discussion
Making Sense of Sensor Data with Maps
Aurelia Moser (CartoDB), Andy Eschbacher


Turning Data into Information with Geo-Ontologies
Justin Lewis (TerraFrame), Nathan McEachen


ISA Server - An Indoor Spatial Data Server
Ki-Joune Li (Pusan National University), Taehoon Kim, Joonseok Kim


Using Spark in Weather Applications
Tom Kunicki (The Weather Company), Charles Maalouf


Citizen science and Smart cities, the evolution of GIS
María Arias de Reyna (GeoCat bv), Jeroen Ticheler

Arctic Web Map and PolarMap.js
Steve Liang (University of Calgary), James Badger


An open source GIS application for scientific national park management
Byeong-Hyeok Yu (Korea National Park Service / University of Seoul), Impyeong Lee


Open Source GIS-based Geomorphohydrological Watershed Model and it's Application to Flash Flood Prediction in Ungaged Basins
Hong-Tea Kim (National Institute of Environmental Research)


Ocean data Interpolation using Open Source GIS
Junghwan Yun (EnGIS), Hojung Jeon, Yunsu Lee

High-precision open lidar data enable new possibilities for spatial analysis in the canton of Zurich/Switzerland
Priska Haller (Canton of Zurich, Department of Geoinformation)


GeoServer for Spatio-temporal Data Handling With Examples For MetOc And Remote Sensing
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions), Simone Giannecchini, Daniele Romagnoli


Satellite Snow Cover Products Evaluation and Validation Platform Developed Entirely With Floss Software
Vasile Craciunescu (Romanian National Meteorological Administration)


Geodata for Everyone - Model-driven development and an example of INSPIRE WFS service
Meixia Feng (Danish Geodata Agency)

Geographical Weighted Regression Model for Improved Near-shore Water Depth Estimation from Multispectral Imagery
Poliyapram Vinayaraj (Osaka City University), Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto


The Integration of Heterogeneous Open Source Software to Develop a Dynamic Urban Growth Simulation Model
Donghan Kim (Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements)


Dynamic Styling For Thematic Mapping
Simon Moncrieff (Curtin University), Elizabeth-Kate Gulland

Visualizing Fire Department Responses with CartoDB
Paul Wickman (Flat Rock Geographics)


Revolutionizing map use in Norwegian newspapers
Kjartan Bjørset (Norkart)


Dynamic analysis, reporting and visualization of metadata catalogue
Francois Prunayre (titellus)

15:05-15:30    Coffee Break & Poster Presentation
15:30-16:00                                                              15:05-16:00, GBR Lobby & Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
  S3-1: Project Development & Visualisation   S3-2: Hacks and Mashes S3-3: Big Data with Open Source GIS S3-4: Visualisation with Open Source GIS AT3-1: New Trends S3-5: SDI
PostGIS Feature Frenzy
Paul Ramsey (CartoDB)


State of GeoServer
Jody Garnett (Boundless), Andrea Aime


Temporal Maps leading to new views in Spatial Analysis
Andy Eschbacher (CartoDB), Andrew Hill, Aurelia Moser


Visualizing geographical data made extremely easy by SLD Editor!
Hanna Visuri (National Land Survay of Finland)

Mapping the world beyond 3857
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions)


Live monitoring of ski tracks in Norway
Kjartan Bjørset (Norkart)


Catalog on the fly satellite images
Luiz Motta (IBAMA)


An image browser for the Planet
Alessandro Isaacs (Planet Labs), Tim Schaub, Jared Volpe

Big data analysis with Tile Reduce and Turf.js
Tom Lee (Mapbox), Alex Barth


Spatial Tajo : Supporting Spatial Queries on Apache Tajo
Hyungu Cho (Kunsan National University)


A simple way to create a web infographic map: For public data and private data
Hanjin Lee (Mango System Inc.)


Accelerating GeoSpatial Data Analytics With Pivotal Greenplum Database
Kuien Liu (Pivotal Software, Inc.), Yandong Yao


Mobmap as a visualization platform for spatio-temporal data
Hiroaki Sengoku (Microbase.Inc), Satoshi Ueyama

Usability Engineering For Successful Open Citizen Science
Jan Alexander Wirwahn (Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Muenster), Thomas Bartoschek


Development of Data Archiving and Distribution System For the Philippines' LiDAR Program Using Object Storage Systems
Ken Abryl Eleazar Salanio (UP- DOST PHL-LiDAR 1) , Carlo Santos, Ruby Magturo, Gene Paul Quevedo, Kenan Virtucio, Kenneth Langga, Mark Edwin Tupas, Enrico Paringit


Object-Based Building Boundary Extraction From Lidar Data
Samsung Lim (University of New South Wales), You Shao


The Development of Web 3D-based Open-pit Mine Monitoring System
Se-Yul Kim (Sangji University), Dong-Gook Lee, Jung-Bin Lee, Byung-Jin Jang, Ji-Ho You, Hyun-Jik Lee


A Comparison of Image Aligning and Correcting Software with an Unmanned Aerial System
Kangsan Lee (Kyung Hee University), Jinwoo Park, Jinmu Choi

geOrchestra, a free, modular and secure SDI
Frrancois Van Der Biest (Camptocamp), Florent Gravin, Jesse Eichar


Metadata Management for Spatial Data Infrastructures
Kim Durante (Stanford University)


Intelligent SDIs with MapMint 2.0
Gérald Fenoy (GeoLabs), Nicolas Bozon, Venkatesh Raghavan


The development of a geospatial creating system for National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
Jong-hun Lee (Geospatial Information Technology Co.Ltd)

17:40-18:05 Bird of a Feather 17:40-18:30                                                               
18:30-19:00 Keynote Talk 2 GBR B (2F) - FOSS4G for the 5Ps (Mr. Kyoung-Soo Eom  , Chief, United Nations Geospatial Information Section)
19:00-19:20 Lightning Talk 2 GBR B (2F) - Pointcloud: The Musical (Mr. Iván Sánchez Ortega , MazeMap)
19:30-21:00 Gala Dinner  19:30-21:00, Crystal Ballroom (3F)