September 16, Wednesday September 17, Thursday September 18, Friday
September 17, Thursday
Time/Room GBR B (2F, Convetnion) Rm. 9 (2F, K Avenue) Rm. 10 (3F, K Avenue) Rm. 11 (3F, K Avenue) Rm. 12 (B1F, K Avenue)
8:30 Conference Registration 08:30-18:00, GBR Lobby (2F)
Exhibition 09:00-18:00, GBR Lobby (2F)
Poster Session 09:00-18:00 Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
9:30-10:00 Keynote Talk 3 GBR B (2F) - Open Data, Open Standards, and Open/Proprietary Technologies (Mr. Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang  , Delegate, Open Geospatial Consortium)
10:00-10:30 Keynote Talk 4 GBR B (2F) - Building What Lasts: The Sustainability of Open Source for Tomorrow (Ms. Alyssa Wright  , Vice President, Mapzen)
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 10:30-11:00, GBR Lobby & Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
  S4-1: Hacks and Mashes ASS1-1: Mapping S4-2: New-born Business Solution S4-3: Project Development & Policy AT4-1: Enhancement & Improvement
Stuffing your vector tiles full of data
Robert P. V. Nordan (Norkart AS)


GeoServer on steroids
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions), Simone Giannecchini

Localized Landmark model based on OSM data for Socialized Landmark based Navigation System
Pasindu Chandrasekara (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology), Thejaka Mahaulpatha, Nimalika Fernando


Sapporo Childcare Map: Making the city “a little better” with FOSS4G
Mayumi Kubo (Code for Sapporo)


Dynamic dashboards with D3.js and CartoDB
John Powell (Emapsite)


New opensource geospatial software stack from NextGIS
Maxim Dubinin (NextGIS)


Who's On First - because sometimes geo is not spatial
Aaron Cope (Mapzen)
ngeo: a companion library for OpenLayers 3
Eric Lemoine (Camptocamp), Florent Gravin


OGC GeoPackage in practice: Implementing a new OGC specification with open-source tools
Nathan Frantz (US Army), Steven Lander, Michael Lee


Cadasta: Securing Property Rights with Open-Source
Kate Chapman (Cadasta Foundation)

OpenSenseMap - a Citizen Science Platform For Publishing and Exploring Sensor Data as Open Data
Jan Alexander Wirwahn (Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Münster), Thomas Bartoschek, Matthias Pfeil


Results of an Evaluation of Augmented Reality Mobile Development Frameworks For Addresses in Augmented Reality
Daniel Jooste(University of Pretoria), Victoria Rautenbach, Serena Coetzee


Landmark Based Path Planning with a Linear Map Display For Mobile Map Applications
Thejaka Mahaulpatha (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology), Pasindu Chandrasekara, Dananjaya Thathsara, Irendra Koswatte, Nimalika Fernando


12:15-13:25 Lunch 12:15-13:25, Four Seasons (1F)
  S5-1: Project Development ASS2-1: Web and Framework S5-2: Various Application of Open Source GIS S5-3: Work Efficiency with Open Source GIS AT5-1: Case Study
Point Clouds in a Browser with WebGL
Daniel Kastl (Georepublic)


PostgreSQL, batteries included
Olivier COURTIN (Oslandia)


New QGIS functions for power users
Marco Hugentobler (Sourcepole AG)


PDAL: the Pointcloud Data Abstraction Library
Michael Smith (US Army Corps of Engineers)

A Web-based Framework for Monitoring Spatial-temporal Clustering of Epidemics in Taiwan
Wei Chien Benny Chin (Department of Geography, National Taiwan University), Tzai-Hung Wen, Fei-Ying Kuo, Hwa-Lung Yu, Ming-Che Hu


WebSAFE: Developing an Online Exposure and Risk Assessment Tool for the Philippines
Ivan Lester Saddi (DOST Project NOAH), Ramon Ayco Jr


Modeling of terminology database in field of Geodesy and Geographic information system
Zolzaya Lkhamsuren (Mongolian Geospatial Association), Bayarmaa Enkhtur, Ochirkhuyag Lkhamjav

GIS-modelling of long-term consequences after a nuclear accident.
Martin Ytre-Eide (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority)


A spatial view in the culture heritage domain
Jacob Mendt (Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB))


Mapping in GeoServer with SLD and CSS
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions)

Case study: A full-fledged cutting-edge FOSS4G map production system
Jakob Ventin (National Land Survey of Finland)


Open Source and Open Standard based decision support system: the example of lake Verbano floods management.
Massimiliano Cannata (SUPSI), Milan Antonovic


Decision-making system for grants for maintaning services in rural areas
Anders Dahlgren (Tillväxtanalys (Swedish public authority)), Joakim Svensberg


Use case of a dual open strategy in the canton of Zurich/Switzerland
Priska Haller (Canton of Zurich, Department of Geoinformation), Pirmin Kalberer

An Open Source Web Service For Registering and Managing Environmental Samples
Anusuriya Devaraju (CSIRO), Jens Klump, Pavel Golodoniuc


Developing a Land Use Database of the Kanto Region, Japan in the 1880's
Nobusuke Iwasaki (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Science), David Sprague, Naoko Fujita, Ikuhiro Teramoto, Hiroshi Yamaguchi


Integrating Open Source GIS Software in Undergraduate Curriculum, Research, and Outreach - Recent Experiences at Salisbury University
Arthur J. Lembo (Salisbury University)


15:05-15:30 Coffee Break 15:05-15:30, GBR Lobby & Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
S6-1: Utilization of various Open Source ASS3-1: Improvement S6-2: New Open Source GIS Trend II S6-3: Project Development AT6-1: Disaster and Disease
OpenDroneMap, Next Steps: Toward optimization and better 3D modeling
Stephen Mather (Cleveland Metroparks)


The OpenStreetMap Revolution
Tom Lee (Mapbox), Alex Barth


"Migrating" from Google Earth API to Cesium
Hidenori Watanave (Tokyo Metropoitan University)

Continuous Improvement of the NOAH Initiative through the Use of Free and Open Source Software
Ivan Lester Saddi (DOST Project NOAH), Jobyn Marmol, Eric Jay dela Peña


Proposal of Water Pollution Sources Management based on Open Source GIS
Han Kang (National Institute of Environmental Reserch)

Open Source for Handling IndoorGML
Donguk Seo (Pusan National University), Ki-Joune Li, Hyunggyu Ryoo


Sensor up your connected applications with OGC SensorThings API
Steve Liang (University of Calgary)


istSOS: latest developments and first steps into the OSGeo incubation process
Massimiliano Cannata (SUPSI), Milan Antonovic, Mirko Cardoso

OpenLayers 3 Feature Frenzy
Tim Schaub (Planet Labs), Eric Lemoine, Andreas Hocevar


GeoNetwork 3
Florent Gravin (Camptocamp), Francois Prunayre, Jeroen Ticheler


Route Planning in your Database with pgRouting
Vicky Vergara (Georepublic), Daniel Kastl


MapServer #ProTips 2
Jeff McKenna (OSGeo), Michael Smith

Advances in Civic Co-management Within the Geospatial Ecosystem Applied to Disaster Risk Management
Tomas Holderness (University of Wollongong), Etienne Turpin, Rohan Wickramasuriya, Matthew Berryman

Evaluation of an Open-source Collaborative WebGIS Prototype in Risk Management with Students
Zar Chi Aye (University of Lausanne), Marie Charriere, Roya Olyazadeh, Marc-Henri Derron, Michel Jaboyedoff


An Open-Source WebGIS Platform For Rapid Disaster Impact Assessment
Roya Olyazadeh (UNIL), Michel Jaboyedoff, Zar Chi Aye, Marc-Henri Derron


Evaluating Flood Hazard Potential in Danang City, Vietnam Using FOSS4G
An Tran Thi (Osaka City University), Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto, Susumu Nonogaki, Tatsuya Nemoto, Vinayaraj Poliyapram, Go Yonezawa

17:10-17:35 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Bird of a Feather 17:10-18:00
18:00-18:30 Keynote Talk 5 GBR B (2F) - Where do we go from here? The next 10 years of open source geospatial (Mr. Paul Ramsey, Solutions Architect, CartoDB)  
18:30-19:30 Social Drinks 18:30-19:30, GBR Lobby (2F)