September 16, Wednesday September 17, Thursday September 18, Friday
September 18, Friday
Time/Room GBR B (2F, Convetnion) Rm. 9 (2F, K Avenue) Rm. 10 (3F, K Avenue) Rm. 11 (3F, K Avenue) Rm. 12 (B1F, K Avenue) Rm. 13 (B1F, K Avenue)
8:30 Conference Registration 08:30-18:00, GBR Lobby (2F)
Exhibition 09:00-16:00, GBR Lobby (2F)
Poster Session 09:00-18:00 Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
9:30-10:00 Keynote Talk 6 GBR B (2F) - Citizen Science, VGI, Geo- CrowdSourcing, Big Geo Data: how they matter to the FOSS4G Community (Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli  , Vice Rector, Politecnico di Milano)
10:00-10:10 Keynote Talk 7 GBR B (2F) - QGIS - from a geodata viewer to a GIS platform (Dr. Marco Hugentobler  , Managing Director, Sourcepole AG)
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 10:30-11:00, GBR Lobby & Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
S7-1: Best GIS Solution S7-2:  Hacks and Mashes S7-3: Safety S7-4:  Hacks and Mashes AT7-1: Big Data S7-5: For the Better GIS Business
CartoDB Basemaps: a tale of data, tiles, and dark matter sandwiches
Alejandro Martínez (CartoDB)


Map publishing with or without programming skills
Timo Aarnio (National Land Survey of Finland)


Opening Address Data around the World
Tom Lee (Mapbox)

Fast Cache, Fresh data. Can we have it all?
Henrik Lund Pedersen (Norwegian Mapping Authority)


Tempus, a new OpenSource platform for Multimodal routing
Vincent Picavet (Oslandia)


PostTrajectory : Querying and Managing GPS and Trajectories on Postgresql/PostGIS
Ki Hyun Yoo (Kunsan National University)

Analyzing Fire Department Response with PostGIS
Paul Wickman (Flat Rock Geographics)


External Radiation Exposure Estimation by OGC-based Sensor Information Platforms
Kyoung-Sook Kim (AIST), Hirotaka Ogawa, Isao Kojima


Dami Sonoiki (eHealth Africa), Kazeen Owolabi, Nicolas Gignac
Research client side draggable route selection with pgRouting
Ko Nagase (Georepublic Japan LLC.)


Building and integrating a Continuous-Integration system within your open source project
Steven Lander (Reinventing Geospatial, Inc)


WalkLite in Mobile GIS: A Schema to Extend and Symbolize SpatiaLite
Xian Chen (Zhejiang Walkinfo Technology Corporation)

Analysis of Spatial Density Utilizing the Big Data of Floating Population of Seoul City
Hailin Kim (Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies)


Geosocial Big Data Analysis Using Python and FOSS4G with the Case Study of Korean Data
Ilyoung Hong (Namseoul University)

Giving Away the Code Without Giving Away the Farm: A Business Model for Open Source Entrepreneurs
Blaine Hackett (Flat Rock Geographics), Paul Wickman


Earning Your Support Instead of Buying it: A How-to Guide to Open Source Assistance
Ian Turton (Computational Geographer)


Location-based Task Management for Mobile Business
Daniel Kastl (Georepublic)

12:15-13:25 Lunch 12:15-13:25, Four Seasons (1F)
S8-1: Innovative usage of Open Source GIS S8-2: Project Development S8-3: Policy S8-4: Hacks and Mashes AT8-1: Hacks and Mashes S8-5: Hacks and Mashes
Everybody wants (someone else to do) it: Writing documentation for open source software
Jody Garnett (Boundless), Mike Pumphrey


Semantic assessment and monitoring of crowdsourced geographic information

Hamish Mcnair (University of Canterbury), Paul Goodhue


COBWEB, a citizen science data collection platform.
Panagiotis Terzis (University of Edinburgh, EDINA)


How to build a succesful co-operation around your FOSS software - case Oskari
Jani Kylmäaho (National Land Survey of Finland)

Processing, serving and rendering huge point clouds on Mobile devices and Web pages
Manuel De La Calle Alonso (Glob3 Mobile, Inc.), Diego Gómez-Deck


Magical PostGIS in three brief movements
Paul Ramsey (CartoDB)


The way to go with WPS
Espen Messel (FFI), Knut Landmark


Towards GeoExt 3 – Supporting both OpenLayers 3 and ExtJS 6
Marc Jansen (Terrestris GmbH & Co. KG), Christian Mayer

Using the latest ISO standard for geographic information (ISO19115-1:2014)
Francois Prunayre (titellus)


GIS Policy Map for Local Government in Korea: Story of Dobong-gu, Seoul

Yongjae Park (GIS United)


triple-A for the environment: make IT simply better
Arnoud De Boer (Geonovum)

Push it through the wire! Push it more, if it's wireless!
Jachym Cepicky (OSGeo)


On simulation and GIS, coupling and hydrology
Vincent Picavet (Oslandia)

Image Geocoding as a Service
Jorge Gustavo Rocha (Universidade do Minho), Nuno Amorim, Paulo Almeida


An On-board Visual-based Attitude Estimation System For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mapping

Samsung Lim (University of New South Wales), Mohammad Ridhwan Tamjis


Modifications to Web Processing Service Standard For Client-Side Geoprocessing
Evgeny Panidi (Saint-Petersburg State University), Eduard Kazakov, Anton Terekhov, Evgeny Kapralov


FREEWAT: FREE and open source tools for WATer resource management
Massimiliano Cannata (SUPSI)

Taking dynamic web mapping to 1:100000 scale
Alejandro Martínez (CartoDB)


MapCache: Fast and Featureful tile serving from the MapServer project
Thomas Bonfort (Terriscope)


Advanced Security with GeoServer and GeoFence
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions), Simone Giannecchini

15:05-16:00 Coffee Break & Poster Presentation
15:05-16:00, GBR Lobby & Rm.9 Lobby (2F)
S9-1: Benchmarks S9-2: Hacks and Mashes S9-3: Disaster and Disease S9-4: Hacks and Mashes AT9-1: Benchmarks & SDI S9-5: Education & Hacks and Mashes
Leaflet vs. OpenLayers: which is best for our indoor maps?
Iván Sánchez Ortega (MazeMap)


WPS Benchmarking Session
Benjamin Pross (52°North GmbH), Gérald Fenoy, Jody Garnett


OSGeo and LocationTech Comparison
Jody Garnett (Boundless)

Raster Data In GeoServer And GeoTools: Achievements, Issues And Future Developments
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions), Simone Giannecchini


GeoCouch: Operating multidimensional data at scale with Couchbase

Volker Mische (Couchbase)

Use case of Disaster Management System by using Geopaparazzi and MapGuide Open Source
Hirofumi Hayashi (Applied technology Co.,Ltd.), Venkatesh Raghavan, Kozawa Hiroshi


A framework for assessing location-based personalized exposure risk of infectious disease transmission

Hsu Ching-Shun (National Taiwan University, Department of Geography), Tzai-Hung Wen

Gis Server with Golang.
Kyoung Tae Doh (Samsung SDS)


CourtVisionPH: A System for the Extraction of Field Goal Attempt Locations and Spatial Analysis of Shooting Using Broadcast Basketball Videos

Ben Hur Pintor (University of the Philippines -Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry)

Analysing the Performance of NoSQL vs SQL Databases with Respect to Routing Algorithms.
Sarthak Agarwal (IIIT Hyderabad), Ks Rajan


An Evaluation of Open Source Geographic Information Systems Routing Tools in Direct Vaccine Deilvery in Kano State, Northern Nigeria.

Kehinde Adewara (eHealth Africa)


A Cross National Comparison on the Awareness of Adopting FOSS4G to NSDI in Developing Countries
Junyoung Choi (Korea Land and Housing corporation), Hyuntae Kim, Jaeseong Ahn

How can the students get Geospatial Information and make a map by using the FOSS4G.
Kenya Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University/ MAPconcierge Inc.), Masashi Ozaki, Hiroyuki Yamauchi


MapWindow Plug-in of GRM Model Using Open Source Software
Yunseok Choi (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology), Youngho Je, Kyungtak Kim

17:20-17:30 Lightning Talk 3 GBR B (2F) - OSGeoLive: the best collection of Geospatial Freee and Open Source Softwares (Mr. Luca Delucchi (Fondazione Edmund Mach))
17:30-17:50 Keynote Talk 8 GBR B (2F) - Global Vision: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (Mr. Jeff McKenna  , President, OSGeo (Open Source Geospatial))
17:50-18:30 Closing Ceremony & Awards 17:50-18:30, GBR B (2F)